This is How to Delete Saved Words On Keyboard ?

Keyboard suggestions or saved words are really useful. They save a lot of your time while texting. We all use these saved words on keyboard to complete the message quickly. The only thing that makes this useful feature a little irritating is that the words are automatically saved for the keyboard. And this way, many unhelpful words are saved into this dictionary. But, do not worry because there is a way to remove such unhelpful suggestions from the keyboard. Here is How to Delete Saved Words On Keyboard.

How to Delete Saved Words On Keyboard

From the Keyboard

If you are having an android device, you can delete the saved words on keyboard by launching the keyboard on any texting app or an application where it requires typing, and hold the word you want to delete and you can see the trash icon, just drop the word to trash icon to delete it.

In case you are using an iOS device, you can launch the keyboard from a texting app or any application that requires typing, now tap and hold the saved word until you see “Stop Suggesting (word)” and tap on OK.

From Settings

Visit your phone settings and look for Keyboard & Input or Language & Input. There you can find dictionary/personal dictionary. Just removed the saved words from there.

That’s it!

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