Why is my Phone Hot and Losing Battery? [Here’s How to Prevent]

Smartphone isn’t something that we only use for work purpose, it has also become an addiction. Most of the people have an average screen time of 5-7 hours a day! Using the phone for a long time and watching videos, playing games could get your device a little warm. But, if you aren’t doing much on it and it is getting really hot and losing battery, it could be something that you need to take care of. In this article we will answer your question why is my phone hot and losing battery and also we will tell you how you can prevent it. Also, you will find the ways to cool down your phone quickly.

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Why is my Phone hot and losing Battery?

There are several reasons which might get your phone warmer than usual. Also you might see a serious drop in battery percentage during this period. Here are the reasons why your phone gets too hot and loses battery and how to prevent the same.

Using your phone under direct Sunlight

When you’re using your smartphone outdoors and it’s screen is in direct contact of sunlight, your phone might get too hot and it will start losing battery. Why? Direct sunlight makes the screen little hot with it’s warmth and also your device will automatically increase the brightness or you will have to increase the brightness to keep using the device in such case. So, you shouldn’t be using the device under direct sunlight to prevent it from getting too hot.

Using your phone just too much!

If you’re using your phone too much, the screen is on for hours (you might be watching a movie, browsing internet or playing games on it.) All these activities consume more of your display, CPU power and battery juice. So, your device will surely get hot and start losing battery fast. To prevent this, you can give your mobile small intervals. This way, both you and your phone will get a “better life”.

Too many apps running in background

If there are too many apps running in the background, the device might get a little hot and start consuming more battery. Yes newer devices and UIs have better app management system, but still there are many games or apps that could take a lot of your device’s processing power and battery. You can turn off background usage of such apps or just uninstall them if they’re not of use.

Outdated Apps

Mobile applications receive updates regularly and the developers always aim to make it better than before. So, every time you see an update for an app, update it to the latest version. This will not only allow you to use latest features of the app, but stability and improvement packed within will stop consuming more of your device’s processing power and juice.

How to cool down your smartphone quickly?

Here are the methods that you can use to cool down your smartphone quickly.

Detach it from other tech

If your device is connected from a speaker, watch, TV or any other device using cable or wirelessly, just disconnect it and wait for the device to get a little cooler.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Another easy way to cool down your device is to put it in airplane mode. This will cut all the wireless connections and make your phone slightly cool. Also you can switch it off for a few minutes to get rid of this issue.

Take off the case

Your smartphone’s case might also prevent it from getting cool. Just detach the cover for a few minutes and wait for the device to cool down.

Put it under the fan

Put your phone under the fan or decrease the temperature of your air conditioner and wait until your device gets calm.

Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

If your device isn’t connected to bluetooth and/or you do not require your GPS connection, just turn them off. These two features consume more battery and warm up your device.

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