What happens When You Delete a Backup? [Read This First]

Modern technology is gradually replacing just everything! Gone the times when you have had to manage files, keep transactions stored in a book. Now you can store just anything on your computer or mobile… and not only that! You can even store your PC’s or mobile’s data on a cloud storage or in a secondary storage device. So, when something goes wrong with your primary data, you can get a copy of your files from this backup. But, What is a backup and what happens when you delete a backup? Well, we will tell you everything about these in today’s article so give it a good read.

What is a Backup?

A backup consists a copy of file(s) stored on an alternative location/device. This backup allows you to restore your important data when something goes wrong with your primary device like computer or mobile. You can create a copy of your important data on an external hard drive, USB thumb drive, CD, DVD or on a cloud storage.

Today, cloud storage has become the preferred choice to store data. Almost every cloud storage service allows you to sync your data automatically! Yeah! You don’t have to upload your stuff, they just keep syncing your device and upload the files automatically on their server.

Why should I keep a backup?

Well, we know that today’s storage devices and electronics are improved so much and comes with a warranty too! It is also possible to restore data from a crashed hard drive. But, what if nothing works? What if suddenly your computer or mobile stops working and you need to access an important file immediately? In such case you won’t be able to do just anything but regret! So, you should better be prepared for a worse condition and keep everything secure on an alternative location.

What happens when you delete a Backup?

Let’s come to the topic and discuss what will happen when you delete a backup. We will talk about a few scenarios here. So, you will get a better understanding of it.

#1 What happens when you delete a backup from iCloud?

If you are an Apple user, you already know what iCloud is and how important it is to keep your data secure. But, it comes with a limited storage space and in case you want more, you have to pay extra or delete some data. So, what will happen when you delete a backup from iCloud? Read it from the below points…

  • Files will be deleted from iCloud and you the storage it was using will be free.. So, you can now store another file.
  • The file you have deleted is deleted permanently and you won’t be able to restore it back on your iCloud or on your other device.
  • If the file is originally stored on iPhone or iPad, it won’t get deleted from the actual device. But, if it was on the iCloud only, you won’t be able to access it from any of your devices!

#2 What happens when you delete a backup from external drive or a cloud storage?

Well, in case you delete a backup file form an external drive or from some other cloud storage service, the file will be deleted permanently and you won’t be able to get it back in case you lose the original file from your primary device. Don’t worry about the original file on your PC or mobile, it won’t get deleted when you remove a backup.

#3 What happens when you delete a WhatsApp backup?

WhatsApp generates a backup file every day. In these encrypted files, all your chats and some other data are stored so you can restore them in case you format your device or switch to a new mobile phone. Here is what happens when you delete a WhatsApp backup.

  • The backup file will be deleted and you will get some storage space to save different data.
  • No chat, messages or media files of WhatsApp will get deleted from your device.
  • You won’t be able to restore these chats or files that were stored in these backup files in case you uninstall or clear storage of WhatsApp.
  • A new backup file will be created tomorrow on your device. Because it is automatic.
  • The same thing will happen when you delete the backup file from Google Drive or iCloud.

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