[How to] Freeze the Firewall to Unblock Websites Behind a Firewall in 2023?

Freeze the Firewall: Internet is full of content and websites. Each person visits a couple of websites every day. Some of these websites are social networks while others are related to courier, educational institutes etc. Having a good internet connection or Wi-Fi network makes it easy to open any kind of a website on mobile device or on a PC/Laptop. But we all come across some websites that won’t work on our network! Or maybe a Firewall is blocking the pages and we just can’t access them. If this is your case and you want to know how to freeze the firewall and unblock these websites, you have landed to the right article in 2023.

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How to Freeze the Firewall?

The term, freeze the firewall means bypassing the firewall and accessing a website that was blocked from your network. You can access these blocked websites by using below mentioned methods.

Switch the Network

Switching the network is one of the easiest thing that you can do to freeze the firewall. However this method doesn’t work everywhere but, if you’re working somewhere or studying at a university, you just won’t be able to access particular websites. The administration usually blocks social networking websites and high bandwidth sites like YouTube, torrents on their network. You can access these websites by simply switching to your mobile data.

If the websites or web page are working fine on your mobile and doesn’t really work on network of your office or university, it means that they have blocked it on their network. You can also ask the administrator to unblock a particular website if it doesn’t go against their policies.

Use IP Address of the Website

Another method that you can try is, you can access the website from it’s original IP address. How is that possible? Well, each website is hosted on a particular server and these servers have their own IP addresses. There are so many tools like site24x7, IPvoide and nslookup that will help you find IP address of a website.

This is also one of the easiest ways to freeze the firewall but most of the times when a government blocks access to a website in their country, they block it’s IP address too. In this case, you can jump to the next section of this article and try those methods too.

Use Google Cache

Google is a search engine that allows you to search different webpages and information available on public domains. They do also keep these pages in their cache storage so a webpage can be accessed quickly by a visitor. You can access some of the blocked websites by viewing the Google cache version of a website. How?

  • Go to Google and search for the website you want to access.
  • Now, on the SERP (search engine result page) you will find 3 dots menu beside the link of webpage you’re willing to access.
  • Click on it and select cached and that’s it!

Restart the Modem

If you’re assigned with a dynamic IP address by your ISP, you can easily access the websites that might have blocked your IP address by restarting the modem. Each time you restart the modem, a new IP address is assigned to you.

Using VPN or Proxy

If nothing mentioned above works, you can try using a VPN or Proxy network. These VPNs and proxy are capable enough of hiding your IP address and assigning you a virtual IP address from a different country. You can easily access any websites by faking an IP from another country. You can find a free or paid VPN services on internet.


How can I access a blocked website?

You can access any website which is blocked by your ISP or government by easily using a VPN or Proxy. Also you can try the methods that we have mentioned in this article.

What is freeze the firewall?

Freezing the firewall means bypassing the firewall and accessing a website that is blocked by ISP, administrator or government.

So, that’s it! Hope we helped you with your query. Keep visiting CrazyToTech for more technical updates and tips in 2023.

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