HACKED? Why is My Instagram Account Following Random Accounts in 2023?

Just got up, scrolling IG feed and wondering why is my Instagram account following random accounts or people? Well, this could happen because of several reasons which we will be discussing here along with how following random accounts could affect your Insta profile. Also we will tell you how to stop auto following on Instagram. Is it just a normal issue or your IG is hacked? Let’s find it out!

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Why is My Instagram Account Following Random Accounts?

There are plenty of reasons that might cause you see posts from random accounts in your IG feed. Below is a list of those reasons and solutions for them.

#1 The New IG Update

Meta is well known for testing new features regularly. Back in July, 2022 it was reported that Facebook, Instagram will show more posts from random users that you do not follow. The main motive of this update is to show relevant content to IG and FB users from accounts which they’re not following. You might be seeing posts from different accounts that you have never heard of or may have never followed!! But, still you will see those posts.

What can you do?: You can’t do anything because its a feature by Instagram and don’t worry. You’re not following these accounts.

#2 Page Name Changed

Just like we sell our belongings in real world, people do sell pages, emails and accounts in digital world. So, if you have recently came across a random page name which you don’t recognize, it could be a page that was sold to someone and they have changed it’s name.

What can you do?: In this case, if you don’t like what they’re posting, just unfollow the account.

#3 Your Account has been Compromised

Another answer for your question “why is my Instagram account following random accounts?”, is there are chances that your account has been compromised.

How is it possible?

If you’re using a password that isn’t strong enough or you have logged in to an unauthorized app using your IG password, there are chances that hackers could get into your account.

What can you do?: To get rid of this situation, we have mentioned some easy solutions that you can use.

Remove Suspicious Apps/Devices

Remove all suspicious/third party apps from your Instagram account. You can do it by visiting Settings > Security > Login Activity. Just tap the 3 dots beside device/location name and logout to remove the devices/apps that you don’t recognize.

Change Password

After logging out all the device and/or apps, you should also change or reset your password. This time, make sure to use a strong password that contains a mixture of small & capital alphabets, numeric and special characters.

Use Two-factor authentication

A two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your IG account. You can turn it on by visiting Settings of your IG account. IG offers multiple methods to authentic your device. You can choose an authentication app or get a code on Text/WhatsApp to login to your account.

A two-factor authentication asks a login code after entering a password. So, if a hacker gets his hands on your password, they won’t be able to get into your account without the OTP.


What can I do if my account is hacked?

You can contact Instagram support and verify yourself. If that account belongs to you, team IG will surely help you get it back. Also, you should tell your friends that your account has been hacked and someone might pretend to be you and might ask them for money or login to suspicious URLs. Warn them about it so they don’t fall in traps.

Why is My Instagram Account Following Random Accounts

When you see random accounts in your feed, it might be due to some causes that are not to worry about. Still, do have a look at possible reasons and their solutions in this article.

Conclusion: There are several reasons that might cause your Instagram account follow random people. It could be a new update to Instagram, an account changing their name or your account is compromised.

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