[2023] Why is my Instagram Account saying couldn’t Refresh Feed?

Gone the time when people from all age were using Facebook! In today’s era, youngsters feel more connected with media sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. For teenagers, Instagram has become their #1 choice to pass time on mobile. It has got photos, stories and short videos that are catchy and keep them connected with their friends. Also, there is direct message that lets you talk to anyone without sharing your mobile number like WhatsApp. Apart from all these cool features, Insta sometimes bore you with its errors. If you’re also facing an error and filled up with thoughts of Why is my Instagram Account saying couldn’t Refresh Feed?, Here we will tell you how you can get rid of this issue.

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Why is my Instagram Account saying couldn’t Refresh Feed and how to fix it?

You might come across this issue due to couple of problems that we have mentioned below and also we have added the solutions for it.

#1 Connectivity Issues

When your internet is not working properly or you have a poor internet speed, Instagram will probably show you “couldn’t refresh feed”.

How to fix: If you’re running out of a data pack, recharge with an add-on or switch to a Wi-Fi network. You can also try some troubleshoots like turning on and off the airplane mode or try to find an area with proper network.

#2 An outdated App

If you’re a person who has turned off automatic updates on your mobile device, you may face this problem one or another day.

How to fix: If you’re facing couldn’t refresh feed error and your internet is working fine, have a look at play store/app store and check if there is an update available for Instagram and update it.

#3 Incorrect Date or Time

Incorrect date or time could also be responsible for an error like this on your Instagram feed.

How to fix: Just fix your date and time from the settings menu. You should also keep your date and time on automatic so it can get updated automatically from the internet.

#4 You’re blocked by IG!

If your account is violating policies of meta and Instagram, it could be banned or shadow banned by Instagram.

How to fix: You can report this to Instagram and ask them to fix it. In case it’s a bug, you will soon hear from Instagram and they will fix it for you. If you have violated any of their policies, you might have to wait for a few days to get your account in working condition again.

#5 Is Instagram Down?

Another possible reason for couldn’t refresh feed problem could be that servers of Instagram are down.

How to fix: You can check if Instagram is down on websites like DownDetector and if this is the case, you can not do anything about it. So, just wait and let the Instagram team fix it. In the meantime you can use another social media platform like Twitter to find memes or updates regarding IG down.

#6 Cache Problems

If your cache is full or the files are corrupted somehow, you may face this problem.

How to fix: Clear cache of your Instagram app. You can do it from the settings > apps > Instagram > storage option.

Also, you can try clearing the app cache, data and maybe this will fix the problem for you.

In case you’re still facing the issue, you can just uninstall Instagram and reinstall it.


What can I do if Instagram is showing couldn’t refresh feed?

First thing you should do is, check your internet connection and then check if Instagram is down? Or you can also try the solutions that we have mentioned in this page.

We hope this helps you with your query Why is my Instagram Account saying couldn’t Refresh Feed? Stay tuned to DailyQueries for daily tech related updates and tips.

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