Can You Leave an Anonymous Review on Google? [A Must Read]

Listings on Google/Google Map are a great way to find businesses or places in specific category near you. Not just the location, name or services they provide, you can also learn about how good these businesses or places are by reading reviews from real people. Google allows users to add reviews about a business or local listing on Google map. These suggestions or feedbacks from other users are enough to let you decide if you should visit a place or buy a product or service from them. But, reading isn’t enough! Some day or some time you might also be in need of posting a review about some business or place. But, you may not want the owner to know that you have posted it! Well, how you gonna deal with it? Is there a way to hide your name? or Can You Leave an Anonymous Review on Google? To know about it, give this article a read.

Why reviews are important?

Reviews are feedbacks from people who have used a product, visited a place or business or have bought a service from specific service provider. By reading these reviews you can make a judgement or opinion about the place. Rather you should be making a deal with someone or visit a historic place or an amusement park.

Can you Leave an Anonymous Review on Google?

There comes time when you don’t want the owner to know or don’t want others to know that you have posted something about a place or business.. So, the only question that might come to your mind is, can I leave an anonymous review on Google? Well, the answer to your question is a big “NO”. You can not leave an anonymous feedback on any listing of Google.

Why? Because Google wants you to log in to your Google account before leaving a feedback or suggestion. However, you can use a fake account to leave this feedback.

How Google Takes care of Fake Reviews?

Now, if you are thinking to take revenge on someone by adding fake reviews about their business using fake Gmail IDs, don’t do that! Because you will only be wasting your time! Google cares about what is listed on it’s maps or on business pages. A business owner can report fake reviews and Google’s team will take care of it.

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